DreamFactory’s management team is comprised of solid professionals who have demonstrated success in the Corporate world, entrepreneurship, leadership, and academics.  DreamFactory has a lean team that brought the company to market. It has already identified key professionals to join the team after its funding event. DreamFactory has also identified a number of world-class advisor's that will bring extensive insight, networks, and recruiting experience to the team.

The team behind the project is a combination of experienced managers, event organizers, developers and cryptocurrency experts. The founders gained their music domain knowledge over 20 years of working in the music industry, managing artists, touring, organizing events and running a successful record label. They created some of the biggest event brands in their region, including a beach festival Disconautica, attracting up to 80 thousand visitors each year. They discovered the pains of the industry the hard way, and now they are offering solutions to their industry peers with DreamFactory.


Marengo Knoll, Inc. and Nord-Ost United, are engaged in the development and production of motion pictures, coordinating several other companies (a company for every movie title): Bad Vibrations LLC, Sophia’s Train LLC, Asteroid Gold LLC, Over Here LLC

Under coordination, both companies plan to produce several films over the next two years that we will be describing later, with a budget of 5M for each film.


Stars, directors, cinematographers, editors

Some of the principals in the project (i.e., stars, directors, cinematographers, editor, etc.) have agreed to reinvest half of their fees in the respective films, there by reducing budgets and risks. They have great expectations of high box office receipts in the marketplace and from media sales, and in return for this reinvestment of fees, they will depend on percentage of box office and media receipts.  This will be paid from the "producer's net.
Investors in the four-film project and the Principles Guadalupe Rosas and Stephanie Velinova will share profits equally, with the re-investments of stars and other personnel coming from the share of profits of the Principals. The return to the stars, directors, etc. will come from the share of the principals.
 This system, traditional in Hollywood, will turn them into Executive Producers do not affect  the investors´s share. There are well-known names, who´s filmographies we will include in attachments, together with the box office results of their last films. So you will know who are Tote Trenas- (Director of Photography);Christo Bakalov (Director of Photography) Jose Salcedo – Editor (a top editor in Spain, he edited most of Almodóvar's movies and "ALATRISTE", last work (the most expensive film in Spanish cinema history).


Andy Garcia (The Godfather: Part III (1990))Wilmer Valderrama- Fast Food Nation (2006)) Winona Ryder -  (The Girl You Want (1995)) She is nominated for 2 Oscars and another 13 wins & 14 nominations), Christina Applegate –( Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)) She is nominated for 3 Golden Globes, Genesis Rodriguez ( Man on a Ledge (2012)) Nestor Carbonell (The Dark Knight - 2008), Ramon Rodriguez (Battle Los Angeles 2011) Hristo Shopov (The Passion of the Christ (2004), Angie Harmon (Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)), Henry Brown (Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)), Tom Bower ( The Hills Have Eyes (2006)) also on board along with  Andrea James, Calpernia -( Jane Fonda's foundation) Nickolai Stoilov (Lana's Rain (2002),
Cristina Rosas, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Asia Argento, Faye Dunaway, Amy Redford , Joe Estévez, Steven Bauer, Eva La Rue, Jay Hernandez, Ramon Rodriguez, Tony Plana, Ricardo Chavira, Emiliano Diez, George Lopez,Jimmy Smits, Eugenio Dervez  etc.



The Producers have the rights over the scripts, through direct property or options signed by the authors. The films has to be shot during 2012-2013.
We enclose here the presentation for each film. Of course, under your request we can send treatment, whole script, etc.


The future for independent films looks convincing, as their commercial viability has increased steadily during last 15 years, while the total domestic box has augmented in 80%.

Films like “Ghost Rider”(total worldwide profits up to March 14: $179,729,547) “Ghost” with a budget of $22 million and worldwide profit of $505,702,588; “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”( with total gross of $241,438,208), and “National Treasure”( with total gross of  $173,008,894);”March of the Penguins”( with total gross of  $77,437,223).”. Leaving outside our study those extraordinary cases, let’s review some samples of steady economic profit by films with similar setup as our movies in the list TICKET TO HEAVEN, SHOOTING STARS, TOUCHED, IN HEAT. A complete table is listed below:



What Women Want

My Big Fat Greek Wedding



 $70,000,000 million




Domestic gross





 Foreign gross





Worldwide total






At the same time we will try to emulate those case of the films of same genre than our, we are trying to reduce the budgets in all the possible forms, without affecting the quality. We have been looking for chances of better prices. We will be shooting on the most precise locations, some of them in traditional scenarios like Hollywood, or New York, and some scenes where local flavor is needed, at the original places imagined by the screenwriter.

Similarly with all the expenses necessary in good level movies.

Anyway, we want to point,  for the knowledge of our possible investors, that it is impossible to prevent all the risks subjacent to film production. We are reducing the risks by all means in our hands: our movies avoid the typical high budgets for Hollywood, we have a distribution upfront,  The formula of production we are employing reduces the risks in substantial way.
The formula of production we are employing reduces the risks in substantial way. If we evaluate the danger of complete failure of a film in a 20%, the probability of a total failure is reduced, in mathematical calculation in a 1/625, if we are speaking of four films of different genres and characteristics. If  only one of the four films succeeds, it will help the others, in the traditional methods of  packages, that distributors know quite well. Anyway, As the films will not be shot and released at the same time , but in successive way, and leaving the most expensive for the end, the profits of the movies released first, will be guarantying the good result of the package, and in case of failure, it would be possible to reduce the losses to a minimum, canceling the most expensive budgets. So, we are acting in a way to reduce substantially the risks, but to be honest, we have to admit an absolute guarantee for preventing risks has not yet been invented, as it happens even in other industries considered more sure.


To avoid unnecessary financial expenses, the schedule of cash flow will be carefully examined and the amounts necessary to maintain the system in efficient work will be studied in a weekly basis. We hope to have a delegate of the investors in the shooting and our accountant with enough experience in controlling and accounting the expenses will supervising the amounts needed in every moment. We will try to prevent any unnecessary expense. The previsions of the attentions necessary to maintain the spirit of stars, supporting players, talents and technical crew are foreseen in the budgets. 


Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment/ Michael Cowan/ UK has a long distribution experience and he is in charge of choosing the most adequate major distributor and he will assure that the films will have access to and superior representation in the marketplace.

There is an interest from other distributors and given the progressive specialization in that field, we have to consider which company would be the best to represent the film, according to the demographics of the viewing audiences -- genre, age, etc.


 The persons included are well known in the professional circles. Being so many, we are not going to send all their bio-filmographies. That would make this plan too long.

Jeff Kanew  - DIRECTOR . Everyone in US knows “THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS” written and directed by Jeff Kanew.

Keith L. Smith - DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY is an incredibly talented Director of Photography who is always willing to teach what he knows. His impressive resume includes Any Given Sunday, Fallen, and J.F.K. “Keith holds an unforgettable and deeply moving place in my mind and my life. His uncompromising desire to achieve a vision of beauty and above all of originality is to be envied by those of us who are either fighting to maintain or attain a place within the film world.” -Robert Richardson, ASC Academy Award Winner “Aviator” and “JKF”

Carlos R. Bermudez/Writer & Producer
In 1995, Bermúdez received his first assignment as a writer for an NBC show called VALDEZ starring Cheech Marín and Bill Macy produced by Ed Decter and John Strauss at Sony Pictures. . Through the years, some of these screenplays have been optioned or sold to different production companies. Most recently, Vista Clara Productions in New York City produced one of the screenplays. THE MIRACLE OF SPANISH HARLEM starring Kate Del Castillo, Luis Antonio Ramos, Tony Plana and Fatima Ptacek. The movie’s scheduled to be released in November 2012.

Edwin Licona /Director of Acquisitions and Distribution
Accomplished, extremely well-connected, Film & Entertainment Acquisitions Executive with 14+ combined years of brand & product development, strategic marketing and sales experience, and specific expertise in the acquisition, development, production and distribution of content. Prior to his involvement in film representation and distribution, Edwin was Director Of Acquisitions and Programming at Image Entertainment, a $100 million dollar a year home entertainment distribution and production company. While there, he was responsible for all aspects of the Urban and Comedy programming, broadcast and development. Edwin has spent the last thirteen years of his life developing his production, management, sales and marketing experience in Home Entertainment. His involvement in the visual medium has included the developing of home video and broadcast properties for Quincy Jones III, Katt Williams, Joey Medina, Rick Najeras, Wanda Sykes, !Paul Mooney, Gabriel Iglesias, Steveo, The Source Hits !which combined have sold over 5,000,000 units worldwide. In addition, Edwin has brought the Black Stage Plays to the retail market with properties such as Maintenance Man, Friends & Lovers and Men Cry in the Dark.

Robert Morrisey
Post Production Supervisor & Sound Editor
Credits include:

Ken Morrisey
Credits include:





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