Then THEY seeS something very peculiar: like critters underneath a microscope! little ships buzzing around other ships. HE SEES A SPACE BATTLE! THEY continue to watch every night.

THEY want to make contact. THEY NEED HELP. so they develop an elaborate scheme to contact The Astronomer they saw on TV: ERVING LONESTAR. TO send a message...... They travel to see Erving Lonestar to get his help to make contact! With Erving’s help they MAKE CONTACT! NOW WHAT?.

Then THEY see WHAT LOOKS LIKE ships coming closer. WHAT?!!! They are coming toward Earth! THEY must tell someone and alert the “right” authorities........ Earth’s only hope is to deflect a coming battle to Mars instead of Earth.

An Elon Musk type character makes contact with the Aliens and works with them to set up a rival colony to Earth ON MARS! THE CHILDREN move TO MARS TO MAKE PEACE....




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