The German boyfriend, how- ever, has plans -- and orders -- which even his trusted, sym- pathetic heiress can’t know: he has been ordered to assassinate Albert Einstein when he comes to Cal Tech in Pasadena. And though Nazi spies had been caught in New York, the local FBI and LAPD seem to neither notice nor care about the strange goings-on in Rustic Canyon. But a sharp reporter with the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, while reporting on a party at Chaplin’s house to promote The Great Dictator, finds something odd about the German and the heiress when he meets them there, during a conversation with Will and Ginger Rogers about the real estate deal. Then a mem- ory dawns on him from a story he wrote some time earlier. This memory leads him to the hillside compound above Hollywood, where he’s found spying. He suffers a vicious beating punc- tuated by the first of many threats on his life. But without aid of the police and only the help of his smart and sexy sec- retary, our crack reporter takes on a virtual army of Nazis waiting for the day the Fatherland would be over here, in the United States.

And then the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Our story ends the next day. And it’s real... 511 steps lead you down to the secrets of Rustic Canyon in Will Rogers State Park


Over Here - Project Script (Excerpt)

EXT. LARGE SHIPPING PORT – NIGHT In black and white, ships come and go. A huge transatlantic passenger lin- er, the S.S. Europa, floats as it rocks, docked at a pier. An occasional “bon voyage” and other farewells in several languages can be heard from the friends and families of passengers and crew. Above the din of dockside well-wishers, the German language rises most clearly. The Europa’s powerful horn blows to signal departure, cueing stragglers to hustle from its decks. Dozens of sailors variably draw ropes, buoys, and gangplanks, and then take their postures aboard. SUPERIMPOSE: BREMERHAVEN, GERMANY – 1933 SFX: American radio voice-over about Hitler gaining Chancellorship of Germany. Dissolve to: INT. S.S. EUROPA – CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS CLOSE ON: OTTO SCHMIDT, 30, in his dress German Army uniform. He’s a per- fectly blue-eyed Aryan, yet sports brown hair. And “sport it” he does.... Among his medals, a most impressive gold star begs any eye that looks upon him in such dress. (That gold star im- ports great meaning among the earliest of Nazis, and this scene must show it: anyone who possessed that gold star was among the first 100,000 Nazis loyal to Hitler before the failed “Munich Beer Hall” coup of 1923, which landed Adolph in jail for his role.)


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