Our girl, Cynderella/Little Red (Ryding Hood) is going around Moscow dropping off packages in certain buildings.  And the cameras are following her. Cynderella uses  make-up to look good, be cool AND to avoid the cameras all around Moscow.

What is Cynderela up to? But she is a Chechen….

Our Chechen bad guys are hatching their plan to do destruction in Moscow and must change their appearances in crude ways with knives in order to avoid identification and capture. Now the KGB’s top spy, Nikolai, must infiltrate the Chechens, but to do that must change his face to be on par with the Chechen’s (and other’s) that wear grotesque masks and make-up to hide their identity on the streets.

Our Chechen friends are attempting to bring in a suit case nuke bomb.  Cynderella is delivering the necessary parts.


Obligatory CRAZY ASSED Car chase scene; starting with terror van attack Using a Russian form of TNDR to communicate, Cynderella and Nikolai meet face to face.   Why does Cynderella want to meet. Those people who really wish to stay underground are getting the new ANTI-FACE plastic surgery.

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