• Dream


    Hollywood, the co-called dream factory is more than the center of entertainment industry

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  • Asteroid


    Asteroid Gold is a Sci-Fi/Action movie centered around the mining of asteroids for profit and the pitfalls that may entail

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  • Bad


    A serial killer is on the loose in La La Land, but you may die laughing before the next victim is found.

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The Industry

The future for independent films looks convincing, as their commercial viability has increased steadily during last 15 years, while the total domestic box has augmented in 80%.

Modus Operandi

To avoid unnecessary financial expenses, the schedule of cash flow will be carefully examined and the amounts necessary to maintain the system in efficient work will be studied in a weekly basis.

General Presentation

Stephanie Velinova has prepared projections for the commercial career of our films. Detailed projections we have attached.

The Distribution

As we mentioned before, one of the advantages of our project compared to others, is we have a distributor in the group, who guarantees the release of each film.

The Stars

Andy Garcia (The Godfather: Part III (1990))Wilmer Valderrama- Fast Food Nation (2006)) Winona Ryder - (The Girl You Want (1995)) She is nominated for 2 Oscars and another 13 wins & 14 nominations)...

The Crew

Investors in the four-film project and the Principles Guadalupe Rosas and Stephanie Velinova will share profits equally, with the re-investments of stars and other personnel coming from the share of profits of the Principals.

Anti-FACE Watch Yourself

CURRENT DAY: 2017;  Facial recognition used to track people & their whereabouts.   Citizen Kane meets 1984

2018: People begin to use make-up and gruesome digital masks to hide identities in public. There are 146,000 security cameras in Moscow. The Russian government is feverishly working to identify Chechen rebels in Moscow and Eastern Europe.

A race against time.

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